The Mosquito Armor Package
  • Insect Shield Armor for Him
    Insect Shield Armor for Him
  • Desert Hat - Dark Khaki
    Desert Hat - Dark Khaki
  • Desert Hat - Pebble
    Desert Hat - Pebble
  • Outback Hat - Pebble
    Outback Hat - Pebble
  • Outback Hat - Dark Khaki
    Outback Hat - Dark Khaki
  • Ultra Protection Hat - Pebble
    Ultra Protection Hat - Pebble

These great Insect Shield clothing items by Craghoppers, combined with the Bug, Sun, & Lip Protection Kit will supply you with another level of protection from those "pesky mossies" that are out to play havoc with your vacation (it should be noted that this ensemble can provide you with 1 more layer of protection but like many things is not fool proof against all bug attacks).

The package includes the items detailed below (note: the package comes to you at a discounted price as compared to the cost of purchasing the items individuall). Please make your size and color selections from the drop down lists you see. It's IMPORTANT TO NOTE that any item from this package returned for refund or credit will necessitate that you be charged the full price of any retained products of this package. Thank you for your understanding.

Men and Women's Insect Shield Convertible Pants by Craghoppers

  • When you’re packing for a trip, less is definitely more. So it makes sense to choose lightweight travel pants that will not only protect you from marauding mossies, but will also offer a short-leg option at the flick of a zipper. Insect Shield convertibles will keep you safe from the sun and offer optimum versatility, whatever the terrain. European cut and slightly small sized.


Insect Shield Long-sleeve Shirt by Craghoppers 

  • Men's Insect Shield Adventure Long-sleeved Shirt - tried-and-tested long-sleeved shirt is engineered for optimum performance in some of the most challenging conditions on earth thanks to insect-repellent qualities and built in sun-protection. The only shirt you need for your hot climate adventuring.
  • Women's Insect Shield Adventure L/S Shirt - Designed for hot and humid conditions, this stylish travel shirt with zipped security pocket packs small and always emerges looking fresh and ready for action. Light and cool against the skin, the shirt’s insect-repellent, wicking fabric constantly moves moisture out and away, especially round the cooling inner neck panel.


Insect Shield Shorts by Craghoppers 

  • Men's Insect Shield Pro Lite Shorts - Designed for comfort and style on and off the trail, these lightweight shorts are a great choice for your next outdoor adventure. The streamlined construction offers a sleek profile that makes light work of packing. With built-in sun and Insect Shield protection.
  • Women's Insect Shield ProLite Shorts - Designed for comfort and style on and off the trail, these lightweight shorts are a great choice for your next warm-weather adventure. The streamlined construction offers a sleek profile that makes light work of packing. With built-in sun and Insect Shield protection.


Insect Shield Vest by Craghoppers 

  • Men's Insect Shield Pocket Vest - Ditch the excess baggage and keep essential equipment close to your chest with this lightweight multi-pocket vest from Craghoppers. Featuring Insect Shield permanent technology and a baker’s dozen of pockets, this practical, go-anywhere vest is primed and ready for action.
  • Women's Insect Shield Cargo Vest - Made with quick-drying, sun-protecting, and insect-repellent fabric, this versatile travel vest incorporates plenty of pockets (8) to offer lots of storage options when you’re on the road or on the trail. 


Insect Shield Jacket by Craghoppers 

  • Zip-front Adventure Travel Jacket for Him - The jacket’s easy-care design incorporates Insect Shield technology, sun protection and day-long moisture management, with enough on-board storage for all your travel essentials.
  • Insect Shield Akello Jacket for Her - The Akello's lightweight stretch construction ensures an agile fit and freedom of movement when you’re on the go. The jacket incorporates Insect Shield® insect-repellent and sun-protection technology, plus sleek pockets for essential storage.


Bug, Sun, & Lip Protection Kit - A great "three in one" combination -

  • a four oz. spray bottle of Ben's® 30 Deet Insect Repellent
  • a three  oz. tube of All Terrain "AquaSport" SPF 30 waterproof sunscreen with "Z-Cote"
  • a stick of All Terrain SPF 25 Lip Balm.


Your Choice of 1 of 3 Hats:

  • Insect Shield Desert Hat - Give your neck the sun protection it craves with this legionnaire-style Desert Hat, featuring Insect Shield fabric. The hat’s peaked brim and foldaway flap provide maximum coverage, while the cooling inner headband and vented sides help keep the temperature turned down.
  • Insect Shield Outback Hat - Built for exploring, this Outback Hat from Craghoppers is the perfect partner for hot-climate travel adventures. The classic design features an adjustable, windproof cord as well as Insect Shield fabric and 360-degree shade from a generous brim. 
  • Insect Shield Ultra Protection Hat - This hot-climate hat is made from lightweight, sun-blocking ripstop with a full-face mesh that makes easy work of insect dodging. The wide-brim design means you can stay in the shade, even when the sun’s at its hottest, and there’s plenty of ventilation to help you keep your cool. 

PRICE:  $482.50 

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